Wheel Nut Removal

Car Wheel Nut Removal
If you have lost your locking wheel nut key and you’re based in Leeds you have come to the right place.

We have specially designed locking wheel nut removal equipment that will remove your locking wheel nuts leaving you to replace with a new set of locking wheel nuts or normal wheel nuts.

It’s a big worry when you don’t have your locking wheel nut, if you have a flat tyre or a blow out on a road while travelling and you do not have your locking wheel nut key then you will not be able to chance the wheel to the spare.

If your car is in for a tyre change that the tyre depot in Leeds will not be able to help you until you find your locking wheel nut key.

This is where we can help, we offer a onsite or mobile locking wheel nut removal service. Our experts will use the latest locking wheel nut removal systems on the market today which will allow them to safely remove the locking wheel nut.

For a normal removal using the tried and tested system it will cost you £20 per wheel, 98% of the locking wheel buts that we have removed use this system.

In some rare circumstances your locking wheel nut may require additional time and specialist equipment to remove a tricky and worn out locking wheel nut in which case we would need to quote individually and this can vary depending on what is required.

Trust us to give you the best service – Please call 0113 2450 224 today for a quotation.