Wheel Nut Removal

4 Wheel Laser Alignment in Leeds – Latest Car Wheel Alignment Technology
You may have heard of Hunters Pro-Align Wheel Alignment equipment, we use specialist equipment that is classed far superior, the equipment we have is made by Snap-On worth over £12500, so you can rest assured your car or van is in the best possible place for Wheel Alignment.

Not all car alignment centres in Leeds have the experience and this high standard, premium wheel alignment equipment, please double check the quality of their wheel alignment equipment and training their wheel alignment technicians have received.

We are the only garage in Leeds that has this high quality CCD camera car and van wheel alignment equipment and have trained alignment technicians that specialise in this particular wheel alignment. 

Acer Direct Autocentre we have the latest Car Alignment CCD Camera Wheel Alignment equipment from Snap-On, a leading manufacturer of the highest car alignment machinery and equipment.

Our CCD camera 4 Wheel laser alignment equipment is set up to perform wheel alignment services on any vehicle, from LWB Vans to Ferraris.

You are guaranteed to notice great wheel alignment results after our wheel alignment. 
Get a wheel alignment printout showing you the settings before and after as part of your wheel alignment.
£39* – Camera 4 Wheel Laser Car Alignment. Using state of the art CCD camera wheel car alignment equipment we will easily be able to check the settings, our wheel alignment computer will then pin point exactly where the wheel alignment technician needs to adjust and to the exact manufacturer settings. Print outs of before and after wheel alignment will be provided.
£89.99* – Performance Car CCD Camera Wheel Car Alignment – This uses the same state of the art CCD Wheel alignment however this is reserved for the driver who wants to check and adjust all the wheel alignment settings, no matter how low the car, includes the Camber and Caster check and adjustment.

* If vehicle is a 4×4, Cross-over or Van there will be an additional surcharge of £10 on the above prices.
* Some vehicles may occur further charges due to other required adjustments or any vehicle faults (e.g. seized or worn bolts which would require extra time) – this will be advised before the alignment is carried out.
* If your vehicle includes an Angle Sensor there will be an additional charge of £30 on the above prices as we will need to connect to our diagnostics machine to make sure all settings are correct and inputted directly into your vehicles ECU. 

Confused? Which wheel alignment shall I go for, does my car need wheel alignment? 

We will be happy to advise, call today to find out what is best for your make and model of vehicle. Call us on 0113 242 6338 or use the contact form to book your appointment.