Interim Service

Car Interim Service

By servicing your car on a regular basis not only increases the lifespan of your car or van but it also maintains the value. All of our car technicians have many years of experience in servicing all makes and models of vehicles and have access to the latest techniques, technology and diagnostic equipment to make sure your vehicle is in the best possible place when an professional car service is required.

Car Interim Service – (recommended every 6,000 miles or every 6 months)

Our professionally trained mechanic will drain the old oil from your vehicle and replace this with new, high quality, manufacturer recommend oil. We will also replace the oil filter. Prices start at £79. 

Whats else is included in your car interim service:

This option will include the oil and filter change on the vehicle along with a 54 point safety checklist. (Areas of the vehicle will include; Engine, fuel, drive system, electrical, steering, suspension, exhaust, tyres, brakes, vision, internal and general areas).
We will provide you with a copy of the full checklist for your car history records, this will also includes notes on any recommendations and safety warnings or safety concerns. We recommend the 54 point check to drivers who would like us to detect any issues with the vehicle which can only be recognised by specially trained mechanics.
This option will also include a top of up essential fluids which include brake fluid, power steering fluid, antifreeze/coolant, clutch fluid, screenwash and water.


Do you use high quality manufacturer recommend parts and oil? 

In all cases, when you have an interim service with Acer Direct Autocentre, we will use high quality parts and oil which are recommended by your manufacturer – we will not use cheap servicing parts under no circumstances as we know that these parts compromise safety and undermine our care and workmanship.

Are the parts and labour guaranteed?

When we complete your Interim Service you can rest assured in the unlikely event that there is an issue you have a 12 months guarantee on the parts and labour. We will be more than happy to deal and look at any issue identified to be related to the Interim Service that was completed.
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