DPF Repair

DPF Repair, DPF Regeneration, DPF Removal Services
DPF remapping regeneration
Acer Direct Autocentre are the DPF specialists with a wealth of experience you know you’re in the best possible place.
DPF or Diesel Particulate filters are on every vehicle produced since 2009.

What is a DPF?

DPF’s are designed to remove soot and particulate matter from exhaust fumes and gas from a diesel engine.

What causes issues with DPF filters?

DPF systems in cars are prone to get blocked causing engine issues.
The DPF system in a vehicle is designed to regenerate, however by using your car on short journeys it will never quite get the chance to regenerate causing blockages that cause a multitude of problems.
DPF Services available at Acer Direct Autocentre
  • DPF ECU remapping
  • DPF Error deletion
  • DPF replacement
  • DPF regeneration.
We offer a number of services coupled by DPF ECU remapping, DPF Error deletion, we offer DPF replacement and DPF regeneration. Call or Book Online Today 0113 2450 224.

You will find that many modern cars have issues, we are experts in dealing with:
  • Audi DPF issues
  • BMW DPF issues
  • Mercedes DPF issues
  • Ford DPF issues
  • Citroen DPF issues
  • Nissan DPF issues
  • Range Rover DPF issues
  • Many more vehicles…