Car and Van Diagnostics in Leeds
Diagnostic Test from £45 – we guarantee that we will beat any price for a like for like car diagnostic service. Our Diagnostics tools are purchased directly from Snap-On and Bosch so you can rest assured that our diagnostic test will be fully comprehensive and pinpoint any engine issues the first time.

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Acer Direct Autocentre has over 40 years industry experience so we are seen to be the experts for vehicle diagnostics serving thousands of customers every year including Trade customers who want to take advantage of our expertise and car diagnostics knowledge.
We have spent thousands of pounds on Auto Diagnostic Equipment over the years to keep up to date with today’s technology and modern cars.

Now, even the biggest car fanatics out there might not know what the below list means but we have put it together just in case you’re interested to know the specifics, if not – simply put, we have fully comprehensive diagnostic equipment that allows us to perform a full diagnostic test that will pinpoint any issues your vehicle might be experiencing.
What can we do with our Car and Van Diagnostic tools?

We have access to all major functions: scanner, scope, meter, guided component tests, previous vehicles data
More coverage on the systems technicians see most — engine, transmission, airbag, ABS, body, steering, suspension, TPMS, hybrid power, lighting, instrument, park assist, climate and many more.
Millions of exclusive Trouble shooter code tips, symptom tips and timesavers for a confident diagnosis in minimum time

We can complete the job faster with unique automated tests like cylinder contribution, service reset, calliper rewind, brake bleed, throttle initialization, tyre calibration, VIN read write and steering angle reset.

Scope/meter diagnostics
Component Tests
Auto scaling, high-impedance multi-meter measurement system
Digital and graphing display of meter results
Pinpoint measurement of: DC volts, AC Volts RMS, Ohms, Frequency, Pulse-width, Injection pulse-width, Duty cycle,
Interface for optional pressure/vacuum transducers and low amp probe

Car Diagnostics and Van Diagnostic tests performed onsite by our fully trained diagnostics 

Experts in Car and Van Diagnostics – What is Vehicle Diagnostics?

In addition to the usual engine parts and components that make up a car, modern cars also include a lot of computer technology. This is where a car diagnostic test can help you.

Computers are the main brain of many cars, the benefits in today’s car is that if there is something wrong with the car, the driver will be informed typically through in-car dashboard warning lights such as the Engine Light, Brake Light warning or other warning lights that come in wonderful shapes and colours.

The Full explanation of these engine warning lights will be included in the cars drivers’ manual to help you diagnose what the issue is.
By increasing the computerised components in cars, in many ways it has made it easier for the consumer and the mechanics to diagnose exactly what the issues is. A car diagnostic check is vital in most cases to determine and pinpoint what might be causing issues like misfire, sensor issues, braking issues, fuel injectors and general engine issues.

This car issue, once identified can be discussed with the customer and authorised for repair. Without these electronic components it can save you hundreds of pounds in labour costs of diagnosing and using the old ‘trial and error’ methods, where it could be a number of issues where you replace the most likely part and see if it resolves the issue.

Have you got issues with ignition timing problems, issues with vehicle engine, the performance of the fuel injector, mis-firing of the ignition coils, engine management light on, engine rpm levels, air, throttle opening.

Do you need your Service Light Resetting?

At Acer Direct Autocentre we can reset your service light in no time at all while you wait and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee.

  • Any Engine management systems covered
  • All Immobiliser systems covered
  • All ABS and traction control systems covered
  • All Airbag and SRS systems covered
  • All Air conditioning systems covered
  • All Diesel management systems covered
  • All Automatic transmission systems covered
  • All CAN bus systems covered
Using the latest Bosch and Snap-on diagnostics equipment, we will be sure to get to the bottom of your engine issues – whether there’s a noise that you just can’t figure out or an annoying light on the dash board, our diagnostics tools will identify the problem so we are able to offer you a cost-effective repair or point you in the right direction.

Our expert mechanics will get to the root of the problem, explain to you what the fault is and recommend a solution.
Diagnostics price from £45.00