Car M1 Check

Car Motorway check service – Fixed Price – £25

At Acer Direct one of the things we like to focus on is vehicle safety before a long journey. This unique service will make sure you have the safest journey possible and to prevent you ending up on the hard shoulder.
As we are conveniently located just before you hit the M1 or M621 we offer a unique service that no other car garage in Leeds is offering. The motorway check includes the following:
  • Check tyre condition, including punctures and leaks 
  • Check all your air pressures and inflate to recommended levels 
  • Check & Top-up water levels 
  • Check your oil levels and top-up* 
  • Check the Engine for leaks 
  • Put your vehicle on the ramp and visually check underneath.  
This service is performed while you wait in our lovely reception where refreshments and free wi-fi are on offer and will take no longer than 20 minutes.
* Top-up oil includes 1 litre, if more than 1 litre is required there will be additional cost per litre which will be discussed with the customer before any additional cost is added.

Do you use high quality manufacturer recommend parts and oil?

In all cases, when you have an interim service with Acer Direct Autocentre, we will use high quality parts and oil which are recommended by your manufacturer – we will not use cheap servicing parts under no circumstances as we know that these parts compromise safety and undermine our care and workmanship.