Car Clutch Repair

Car Clutch Repair in Leeds
In all cases we use high quality manufacturer recommended clutches, we have over 40 years fitting experience so you can rest assured your clutch will be fitted to the highest quality with the added bonus of Acer Direct Autocentre being up to 40% cheaper than other garages.  

Having your clutch replaced can be one of the most costly repairs on a car, but it doesn’t have to cost the earth. We receive several calls a week for clutch quotes – clutch replacement is one of our most popular services and we’ve learnt our reputation as one of the best (and cheapest!) clutch replacement centres in Leeds.

Some mechanics shy away from clutch replacement because it can be very time consuming and complicated, but that’s what sets us apart – our head mechanic has over 40 years experience, so you can bet he has worked on your make and model of vehicle previously.

When we quote for clutch replacement, we give you a step-by-step breakdown of each part’s cost and the labour charge – there are no hidden extras as we give you “worst-case-scenario” quote, plus all of our quotes include VAT so there’ll be no nasty surprises at the til – the price we quote is the price you pay!

All of our quotes are valid for 7 days, after which time you are advised to call back and check before booking in. We are happy to negotiate and often price match if you have a like-for-like quote from elsewhere, however a written quotation must be provided to us upon request.
What are clutches?

All cars with a manual transmission will have a friction clutch between the engine and gearbox, allowing the driver to drive forwards and backwards. Good quality Clutches are hard wearing, but do need periodic replacement as the clutch wears down.
So how does a car or van clutch work?

A clutch is made up of two metal plates in the engine, when you press the clutch pedal down, you are separating these plates apart, allowing you to change the gear, clever stuff right? When the clutch pedal comes back up it links back up with the engine and connects to the engine to the drive wheels, even more clever!

How to know if a Car Needs a New Clutch

Clutch slipping, so what does this actually mean? A clutch slipping normally describes an issue where you will accelerate and your engine speed will greatly increase without the car moving any faster, similar to if you were to accelerate if you had the clutch firmly pressed to the floor and accelerate. This is the clutch slipping, and eventually the more you drive the more the clutch will wear and no acceleration will move the car as the clutch will be slipping.