Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Regas – Air Conditioning Recharge
£60 SPRING SPECIAL OFFER for Car Air Conditioning Regas Service (sometimes known as an Car Air Conditioning Recharge Service).

Acer Direct Autocentre has spent 1000’s of pounds investing in industrial high quality air conditioning regas system that will make sure that your air conditioning system in your vehicle is working to the optimum efficiency. 

Rest assured you are leaving your car to the air conditioning specialists in Leeds.

Our Car Air conditioning Service includes all you need to make sure your vehicle Air Con is working to the optimum efficiency so you don’t need to get hot and bothered!

So what is included in air conditioning service?
  • Car Air Conditioning Re-gas/Recharge – this is the main reason for the service, you need an air conditioning recharge, so while we are there doing this we can check the rest to avoid or detect any problems.
  • Refrigerant recovery process, this includes the removal of air and moisture removed from the system. The system will mix and react with the refrigerant and oil used in the system. It forms a corrosive hydrochloric acid that corrodes lines, clogs screens, and damages other components in the system.
  • Vacuum Cycle – this removes all the moisture, any impurities and redundant gas.
  • Vacuum Pressure Test – we pressure test the system to detect any leaks.
  • Visual check for leaks – we visually check your air con system for leaks.
  • Temp check – Our air conditioning re-gas includes a temperature check to make sure it is working efficiently and you are staying cool all year round.
  • Pollen filters replaced on request (there will be an additional cost to this depending on your vehicle make and model).
What is the difference between air conditioning regas and air conditioning recharge?

Re-gas air conditioning and recharge air conditioning are the same thing, the terminology is just different and does not make a difference to your air conditioning system.

Terms & Conditions – Air Conditioning recharge/regas service:  
Your vehicles existing air-conditioning pipes overtime will perish and weaken (age related) adding new air-con gas on some occasions may cause the weakened pipes in the AC system to leak or burst. Acer Direct Autocentre will not be liable for any costs associated with leaks or burst pipes detected once the AC re-gasing has been completed as this is no fault of Acer Direct Autocentre or the machinery used as all settings are calibrated specifically to your vehicle manufacturer settings. Having read these terms you have the right to cancel the re-gas service and obtain a full refund for any advance payment.